Greater Louisville
Koi & Goldfish Society
For Koi & Goldfish Enthusiasts

The Greater Louisville Koi & Goldfish Society
was formed by a group of hobbyist that shared
their love for Koi and Goldfish. Since then, we
have grown with many members that meet
monthly at KYANA located at 3821 Hunsinger
Lane, Louisville, Ky 40220 on Tuesday
evenings at 7 pm.

We host an annual nationally recognized Koi
and Goldfish Show which is held every
Memorial Day Weekend with participants and
vendors from all over the United States

We plan activities throughout the year to
include social events, private pond tours,
picnics, holiday parties and road trips to tour
other sites.

We welcome visitors, new members and
anyone who has an interest or a question
concerning fish, ponds and plants.
3821 Hunsinger Lane
Louisville, KY 40220
Don't Miss Our Annual Show  Memorial Day Weekend!