Greater Louisville
Koi & Goldfish Society
For Koi & Goldfish Enthusiasts
Visitors are welcome to join us for
our meetings held at the

KYANA Auto Club
3821 Hunsinger Lane
Louisville, KY 40220
Event Calendar  
March Meeting at KYANA Auto Club : March 3rd
7 pm - Presentation and Meeting

April Meeting at KYANA Auto Club : April 14th
7 pm - Presentation and 2018 Show Planning

May Meeting at KYANA Auto Club : May 5th
7 pm - Final Show Planning and Q & A

25th Annual Show : May 22-24, 2020
KYANA - Antique Automobile Club of America
3821 Hunsinger Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40220

Club Members Pond Tour : July TBA

Club Picnic : August TBA

Ky Mud Pond Harvest : October
Meet at Troy Head's House at Noon;
Harvest at 12 p.m. -  see newsletter for details

Christmas Party at KYANA Auto Club : (Dec.) - TBA
7 pm - Fun, Food and Prizes
Calendar of Events